Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[BONUS] Skulls in Providence

I had the pleasure of spending the past weekend in Providence, Rhode Island for a conference and as part of it I got to visit the wonderful RISD Nature Lab. This walk-in cabinet of curiosities, a resource for the design students, is filled with all types of items from nature, including some live animals as well as many taxidermied ones and of course plenty of bones and skulls. What's amazing is that all of the objects can be handled by the students and many can even be checked out for further study! If you're ever in Providence it's worth seeing if you can get access to this gem of a place.

This cabinet of skulls instantly reminded me of the Mütter Museum.

There was another skeleton in this case named Courtney.

We even got a peek into to their specimen storage and preparation area.

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rksoup said...

How long have they been standing in line? Oh, must be the DMV.