Saturday, October 30, 2010

[BONUS] Papercraft Skull in Use

Inspired by 72. Papercraft Skull (with Articulated Jaw), the folks at Le Cagibi in Lille, France have put together this amazing exhibition at the L'hybride Theater titled “The Crypt”.

The exhibit is on the subject "Tête de Mort" (dead head / skull in french). “The Crypt” includes painting, drawing, sculpture as well as 300 paper skulls which go up to the ceiling decorated by artists Albert Foolmoon, Antoine Duthoit, Ar-Déco, and Sebh.

If you feel like making your own custom designed Crypt you can also download a blank version of the pattern as well. As always, if you make something new please send us a picture or two so we can share with everyone here.

1 comment:

Sister Shirley said...

Beautiful, I love how each skull is square yet totally unique. I could perhaps do without the blue light effect though, it turns a gorgeous installment into a teenager's bedroom : )