Friday, October 15, 2010

Doctoral Skulls

Dr. Amanda in South Carolina sent us this: “I'm a total fan! I especially LOVE the work you've done with the Mütter!! The first is a sketch I did of one of the trephanated skulls at the Mütter during my fellowship. The second is my Halloween costume.”

Bugs C says:

EH What's up Doc? I really enjoyed seeing this sketch, I sometimes forget that much of what we see on the site are the finished result and that most of them started out as studies much like this. Your Halloween makeup is excellent, it is a subtle reminder that we are only a few weeks away and hopefully it will act as an inspiration for others to send in their costume ideas. Thank you for submitting your work, and if any of you are playing Skull-A-Day BINGO at home, you are free to fill in the “Dr.” space now.

“Countdown To Halloween”
16 more days and counting...

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