Monday, August 9, 2010

Bone Orchard Revival Skull

Grant Netzorg sent us this piece. "This is a block print I did recently for my band, Bone Orchard Revival. I did an edition of 30 to give away with our record at shows, and I plan on doing one more small edition of 10 with bone colored ink on black paper. If anyone wants one, I can be contacted through the band's website", Bone Orchard Revival.

I like the rawness of the uneven print. The print quality in combination with the overall design makes me think this would be a Rockabilly type band, and in deed, when I gave Bone Orchard Revival a listen via their Myspace page, they are a similar style. The themes of the music are dark, like the theme of the print. The soulful music makes me think of a small town speakeasy that you can only get to by boat where the locals go to drink and play poker away from the lawmen. Regardless of the hardness of the times, this music always has a soothing quality to me. This the way I want to spend every day.

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