Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[BONUS] Papercraft Robot Skull

Inspired by a friend of mine who asked me to make a piece of robot art for her I decided to update my Papercraft Skull with a new robot skin!

As always I've provided a free downloadable PDF so you can make your own!

And hey, if you feel like making a custom design you can also download a blank version of the pattern as well. Of course if you make something new please send me a picture or two so I can share with everyone here!


Chris Z. said...

Ok, may just have to add this to my robot-a-day project list. Either this one specifically with a body or customize a blank.

Noah said...

I totally thought of you when I made this! I'd love to see your own version or a body for it or both!

Abby Davis said...

I love it!

Chris Z. said...

Done and done!