Monday, August 30, 2010

Skull Studies

Mary Sue Muscarella of Mary Sue Tattoo, submitted three great pieces. Here is her explanation of each.

The first is a sugar skull that I sculpted out of Plastalina.

The next is a charcoal drawing of a monkey skull.

The last is a study of multiple angles of a monkey skull in charcoal.

I like how each of these are different, yet incorporate the same subject, a skull. Sculptures always fascinate me, because they are a hands on approach to art. With clay, you have to use your hands to mold the medium to your desired form. This clay interpretation of a traditional sugar skull is neat to see, since sugar skulls are one of my favor parts of Day of the Dead. The charcoal drawings of the monkey skull are fascinating. Primates are my favorite animals...well next to Giraffes...because they are very similar to humans. Here you can clearly see the differences that a monkey skull has to a human skull. The head looks more elongated and with more crevices and shaping. I love the use of shading to show off these details. I have a replica of a human skull that I use for many Skull-A-Day projects, so I like seeing how someone else makes art using a physical skull for reference. All of these are wonderful. Keep making more beautiful art!

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