Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.10

It's Sunday again, skull lovers, and that means it's time to display the hidden skull treasures that our readers have managed to capture.

Fiona found this evil looking moth in her back yard in Saluda, Va. She's, "Not sure if it's an actual Death's Head Moth, but it's definitely got some 'skull and crossbones' action going on."

M@ was sharing a tender moment when this spooky skull made an appearance.

Lora Ditko "spotted this skull turret at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire."

Thanks for sharing these. It seems to be getting harder to catch these sneaky little skulls these days. If you find one lurking about then submit it to us so we can proudly display your prize as well.

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Auntie Em said...

Wonderful Simulacra...I think it's my fav category.

I'm not an expert, but it looks as though Fiona found a male Imperial Moth.

Photos and info here: