Thursday, August 5, 2010

Huge Skull Painting

Mitzi Melville submitted this "huge skull painting". I cropped the photo, but it really is huge!

I like the contrast of the swirly gray & silver skull against the bold red back ground. The swirled skull reminds me of the texture of a grinder swirls on metal sheets. the pattern reminds me of how worms eat wood, leaving trails of where they have eaten. It's a beautiful path and very appropriate for a skull. Perhaps worms make the same sort of trails when devouring human flesh. I'm sure some wacky scientist know for sure. The pieces makes me ponder much more, which is the point of art, right? make you think beyond the basic image of a skull. The way in which a classic image is portrayed, is what gets my mind generating alternative meanings, so in my mind, it's a successful piece.

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