Thursday, August 26, 2010

Embroidered Skull

I saw this piece from Yuki Snow in our submission and knew it would be perfect for today.

Here's Yuki Snow's explanation of herself: "I am Japanese Artist/ Art lecturer, living and working in the UK. I have been exhibiting professionally as an Artist for the last 10 years at contemporary art galleries in the UK, New York, Brazil, Greece and Japan and was recently selected and published as one of the 36 featured Japanese Artists in a Taiwanese Art catalogue.

My textured paintings combine knitting, embroidery, sequins, buttons, acrylic and oil painting as the sensation of touch is very important in my artwork. This image was made in 2006 out of embroidery and acrylic stencil on canvas."

"Never Alone Again"

Since I was a little girl (about 4-5), I've been doing embroidery. When I see awesome pieces like this, I'm instantly drawn to them. My best friend Kit McSmash, (Partner in Crime...or Craft) of over 20 years, is a fiber artist and currently in Japan on a much deserved vacation, so this particular one made me think of her. Up until a couple years ago, she had the front of her hair pink for many years. She is like my sister from different parents, so of course we love similar things, like creepy skulls. One day, we will make one together.

For this piece, I love the use of a filling stitch for the hair, skull and boot areas. I like being able the see the texture of the fabric through the skin areas and black of the hoodie. I love seeing embroidery still used to create wonderful art. There are other great pieces on Yuki Snow's website, that use similar techniques that create amazing results, so I suggest checking out her other pieces too.

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