Friday, August 13, 2010

[BONUS] Blake’s Skulls

Blake Highland from Jonesboro, AR said: “I have followed Skull-A-Day since the beginning of year 3 and I am a huge fan of skulls, pretty much everything I own has skulls on it. I have made a few skulls to share. First, is a skull spoon I created using a plastic spoon that I carved by heating a bobby pin and cutting the plastic. Next, is a skull mini ramp that I made using google sketch-up (a 3D modeling program) and the skull (Alt+7) of the skullphabet. The ramp is built to scale and if built is totally skate-able. I am working on a future skate park based on skeletons and bones. ”

Retro C says:

Thank you for being such a loyal follower of the project. We are always happy to see how our readers have been inspired by Skull-A-Day. The image of the skull is very prevalant in the modern skate culture, so it is natural that a skull themed skate park to be a natural progression in it. Let us know when you get done designing it, and certainly remember us when it gets constructed.

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