Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Micrography Skull

Gus, a self proclaimed professional basement troll from Alexandria, VA, rises to the upper floors with a homage to his lost friend. Gus describes it for us, "It is a micrography piece I did back in the nineties. I had originally given it to a friend as a gift, he was killed earlier this year and it was given back to me. The piece itself unframed is 19 1/2" x 17" and is composed of small hand written text. The writing forms the shapes and lines and then I add in underlining to shade and highlight. I call it "Dirk's Horned Skull Micrography" in honor of my friend Dirk."

It's been said that a picture can paint a thousand words, and I guess sometimes vice versa. This looks like it took many hours to complete and is well worth the effort. I'm sure your friend enjoyed it while he had it, Gus. Thanks for sharing it and your story with us.

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