Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sheet Metal Skull

A man of few words “GDW” sent us this skull made from a steel heating duct.

HVA-C says:

This is an interesting piece with so many future possibilities. Your work has the potential to transcend being passive art and become alive. For example you could use it as a stencil and it might be interesting to see it displayed after it has been in service and what paint it might have collected. Another possibility might be to use it with light source for shadows. or simply fixing it to a duct, so that in the future when someone goes to check a duct in a cramped darken space, they get a surprise. I also enjoyed the staging of this picture, it makes me think of either a crime scene or an archeology find. Either way a skull find would be out of the ordinary. Thank you for submitting your work for us to share.

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