Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Celexa" Skull

Lace-D joins the ranks of skull loving artists. "I love your site ....I'm a skull lover.....happy to see I'm not alone . This is an original piece that I painted-it's called 'Celexa'."

There's a lot going on here that I like. The urban warrior skull seems to be bursting onto the scene with his incandescent cans of paint making the bleak world of death a brighter place to be. I don't know whether or not your title is inspired by the real celexa, but your super colorful work is a great antidepressant as well. Thanks for sharing it!


Captain Morgan said...

is this a true 3-d piece? If not, it certainly has that illusion. Amazing!

Anna said...

Awesome blog! Thanx for alot of Inspo =)