Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frida Kahlo and Day of the Dead Skulls

Vanina from Sion, Switzerland sent us these Frida Kahlo and the Day of the Dead inspired pieces. She had a couple comments about the pieces

"I am also in disguise for Carnival and I think I have done well my makeup!"

"I made the decorations for my house and my friends."

First off, anything that is "Day of the Dead" inspired, automatically grabs my attention. All of these pieces are great and I can see both influences in them. The make up is a sugar skull. Her hair looks braided and is adorned with orange flowers (daisies maybe, though marigolds are traditional). Combined with the clothing and jewelry, I can see the strong Mexican influence. The 1st decoration is a sugar skull adorned with flowers (which is one of my favorite combinations for my own art). If this was a real sugar skull, I would want to eat it. The last decoration is a calavera with a nail through the heart. To die of a broken heart is a painful way to go, and really speaks to the deep feelings we have with love. I also like the unibrow that is seen in Frida's work. With Day of the Dead quickly approaching, I have sugar skulls on the brain a lot, so thanks for submitting these great pieces to keep us all looking forward to the celebration!

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