Friday, August 13, 2010

[BONUS] 380. Birthday Skull II

A good friend asked me to decorate her son's cake for his birthday as a last minute favor. So I spent this morning with her homemade cake, which she had already covered in white frosting, and a bottle of black icing. I don't have any proper cake decorating tools so I basically just worked with a knife, a chopstick, and my fingers and treated the frosting like paint. It took me about two hours to finish. I think the birthday boy will like it, but I wonder if his guests' parents will concerned...

The first birthday cake I decorated with a skull was actually my own, for the last official day of the first year of this project! And yes I did eat that one.

1 comment:

pandora said...

This is a piece of art! Lucky kid. Will you decorate my next birthday cake?