Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.13

Sunday means it's time for more submissions from our faithful clan of skull hunters.

Amanda Hicks' watchful eyes spotted some sneaky skulls while hiking around Oregon. She found these at Mt. Hood...

...and at the Gorge.

Greg in Dekalb, Il was enjoying a campfire with friends when a buddy said, "Take a closer look at this, doesn't it look like a skull?" He immediately thought of our site.

The powers that be are generous in the multitudes of skulls that are being caught by our hunters. Thanks to all of the keen hunters out there who are quick with a camera and an emaill address to submit to us. Thanks for keeping the hunt ALIVE!

1 comment:

CompguyG said...

Actually, I didn't really see it till now, but if you look around the "8 o'clock spot" outside the log, you will see what looks like a mini longer skull :) LOL I love being twisted