Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Commemorative Card Skulls

Kitty Valentine from London, England sent us some examples from her current project. She said: “ I adore your site - it's so blissfully savage. i am sending you a few pictures. i make skulls most days. this is my current project, the savojas - a set of old Italian commemorative cards defaced by my good self. ” You can also see more of Kitty's work HERE.

First up is “generale danyron ”
Next is “maria teresa di austria”
Carte de Visite C says:

This is amazing work, I am sorry I wasn't able to show off all the great cards you sent in. What I find the most fascinating about your work is the slow disappearance of the original image creating an spirit like manifestation. It is this ghostly manifestation that is now revealing the skull inside. Thanks for submitting your work.


meena khalili said...

these are so delicate -- beautiful.

Tatman said...

The antiqueness is excellent. Vintage skullery at it's finest.

kitty valentine said...

thank you for featuring my pictures, and such kind words. there are lots more on my blog if you would like to see some more