Saturday, September 19, 2009

Petoskey Stone Skulls

On my last weekend living in Michigan my family made a trip to Manistee and visited the street craft fair in the downtown area. I made a most glorious discovery of these wonderful skulls carved by Tom Thompson. These are called petoskey stones and are recognizable by their unique patterns.

These were even more impressive in person. I want to thank Tom for allowing me to post his work here. If you are in Michigan and run across Tom and his stone carvings(he does more than just skulls) then prepare to be amazed. I couldn't pass up on buying one of his lower peninsula of Michigan stones for a reminder of my great years spent living here.


Custom Jewelry said...

I love love this post! As an artist I love seeing carvings and jewelry made with skulls. I can never find enough skull beads for my jewelry. (well besides the high dollar stuff) Maybe I will have to start learning how to do carvings. Oh I could make Resin skulls hmmm! Inspiration hits!!!!
I do make clay skulls but the stone seems way better! Man I want one for my dining table hee hee

ZenMonkey said...

If you should ever come across this fellow again, could you please get his current contact information? I love Petoskey stones, and would really love to get one of these skulls!