Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Skull Lamp

Randall from Malaysia said: “Loads of gratitude to Skull-A-Day for giving me the inspiration!” He went on to say the lamp was constructed by himself using a pen-knife and some glue as well as the following materials: black coloured cardboard, translucent paper, and of course a light bulb.
C. Burgandy says:

Where do I begin? Umm... I ♥ Lamp! What a wonderful design you submitted to us. It is amazing the piece you were able to create with just a few items you had on hand. You must get some amazing shadows off of it.

Speaking of creative skulls from reused items, our Skullmaster is leading a skull making workshop on that very subject tonight (9-16-09) if anyone happens to be in/near Richmond, VA. You can find more details here.

Stay classy Skull-A-Day!


Tatman said...

What a bright idea! I think every good skull making station needs a lamp like this. You would have done great at the Skull Master's lamp making workshop also.

RandallC. said...

haha thanks!!!