Friday, September 25, 2009

Heart ‘n’ Skull

Justyna from Chicago, IL wrote: “This is a painting that I did for my 365 Days of Love project.** It is a project that is actually inspired by [Noah’s] work with skulls and the desire to do this came after reading [Noah’s] book, ‘Skulls.’ Thank you for all of your influence and I can't wait to see more work!!”

Pianist C says:

Heart of Skulls, I fell in love with you...

I love the feeling of this piece, with your use of a bright color on an ominous background. I am reminded of the work of Keith Haring and our very own Skullmaster with this piece. Thanks for including a skull inspiration in your project. Please update us with a link when you are back from your sabbatical.

** Editor’s note: Justyna’s project is currently on hiatus that is why a link was not provided to it.