Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get ready for Halloween with Skull-A-Day

Since Halloween is just over a month away, I thought should take a moment to remind you of all the resources from Skull-A-Day that can help you prepare for whatever shenanigans you have planned...

First a bunch of FREE stuff to download:

Two fonts perfect for invitations, signs, and cards:

Skullphabet #1 and Skullphabet #2

Five stencils great for decoration making:
Original Stencil

Cocoa Stencil

Two-Part Stencil

Stylized Stencil
Secret Skull Stencil

A Papercraft Toy, that makes a great decoration, gift, or DIY project for kids & adults.

A Paper Doll, that's a fun DIY project for kids & adults.

A Connect-The-Dots to keep the kids busy.

And a few more advanced options:
Paper Cut-Out Pattern
Cross-Stitch Pattern.
Paper Sculpture
Crossword Puzzle
Dance Steps

And of course if you're in the holiday gift giving mood, I hope you'll consider buying some Skull-A-Day stuff (and thus support the site in the process!):

The official Skull-A-Day book SKULLS is available at your local independent bookstore. And of course you can get it at all the usual places online: Powells,, Barnes & Noble. You can even get it personalized by me! Details are HERE.

I'm selling a limited edition Ornament(al) Skull print (Don't wait to get this, it's almost sold out!)

A L33T Keyboard Skull T-shirt is being sold by LOLmart HERE.

Cardboard Puzzle Skulls & Skull Wreaths are available at Cardboard Safari HERE.

A selection of Skull Notebooks are available at Modofly HERE.

Limited edition silkscreen posters are available from Team Eight Press HERE.

Face Metal Design is offering a limited edition replica's of my Cube Skull HERE.

And for the skull lovers who have everything, Ornament(al) Skull pattern wallpaper is available from Designer Wallcoverings HERE.

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