Friday, September 11, 2009

[BONUS] Skull Wedding

Back in September of last year Jen, a fan of the site, got in touch asking for help preparing for her skull themed wedding. I made a post asking for suggestions for her and she got a ton of great feedback. Then a couple of weeks ago I got the following e-mail from her:

A long time ago you posted a question about skull weddings for me. Well, I got married! and with skulls!

I made tiny clay skulls and attached them to the invitations. I also used a skull graphic on the invitation and menus. On the escort cards the skulls are actually pins, and almost everyone at the wedding actually put them on!

Here is a link to some of the photos:
The photos were taken by Heather Parker.

Thanks for all your help!

Yay for skulls!


Are you having or had a skull themed wedding? Share your pictures with us!


Tatman said...

The pics are awesome, Jen! Everything looked great and the skulls all looked elegant. I can tell you and your husband will last. Not every wife let's the man wear a Duke hat on his bobble head bride/groom cake topper. That was too funny!

jacqueline said...

What fantastic photos...and a great idea, I'm sure it was a first for your guests too...congrats to you both xXx

PrixMadonna said...

Really like those blue floral ornaments with the skull accent. Nicely done!