Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Air Force Skull

SrA Sean Richardson wrote: “I'm an F-15 Avionics Technician working on Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa, Japan; serving in the United States Air Force. I was strolling through the shop the other day and noticed this old piece of equipment, and decided it needed a skull on it. I hope you like it.”

DEFCON C says:

Attention! Don't be alarmed, but I think that was a launch sequence used at one point during the days of The Cold War. I find it amazing the number of times older obsolete technology has been featured here on Skull-A-Day since the start. Adding a skull to these pieces creates a tombstone like presence marking their passing. Thanks for submitting the skull and having the US Air Force properly represented here on Skull-A-Day. You have now joined the ranks of the other skulls in uniform from the US Marines, and the US Army. Carry on soldier.


Tatman said...

Good stuff, Sean. In a previous life I was an avionics technician in the Navy. Of course I never imagined putting a skull on any of our test equipment so kudos for the neat idea. Now we have Army, Air Force, and Marines represented, but where are my fellow squids? Anchors away!

Unknown said...

Cool! Thanks for putting up the picture. I'm glad you liked it. That's crazy that you were an avionics tech also, Tatman.