Monday, September 7, 2009

July/August Contest: I ♥ Skull-A-Day

Thanks to all who thought about participating in the July/August 2009 Monthly Contest.

Since we only got one valid entry, we took this opportunity to show a few destinations sent in by you. None of these pictures meet our regular submission rules, but we thought we would share them anyway if you wish to plan a future skull inspired trip.

Long time friend of Skull-A-Day Joe “B13” found this horse on Long Island, NY

Shasta Chamberlain from Wisconsin, found this picture of a skull toilet in some old photos from Mexico that her mom took.

Milla (from the Dolomites, currently living in London, UK) found these over the front door at Saint Olav's Church near Fenchurch Street train station, in London, England.

and Meggy, who is living in Russia as an exchange student, found this at Alexander Nievsky Monastery and Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Finally, our winner chosen from the only entry is long time Skull-A-Day fan Kim Upton from Australia.

She wrote“That's the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the left and the Sydney Opera House on the right! My sign does actually say "I heart skulladay", but as usual I've represented it in my own geeky way.”
Kim: This month's prize was created by myself, Citizen Agent. Please enjoy it and send us pictures once you receive it.

You can find more Skull-A-Day love by guest editors Tatman and Citizen Agent by clicking on their names.

Just because the contest for the special prize is over, doesn't mean you can't be inspired. Check out the September 2009 contest here.


Tatman said...

I am so jealous of the view, Kim. If I ever visit Australia then I'm looking you up for the resident scenic tour. Thanks for submitting!

Kim said...

Tatman, you're on! Bring Noah and C with you. :D

My fiance is very lucky indeed, the view from my desk is a pot plant and the lift...

BTW, there is a stupid typo in my comment (my fault): s/days/does/

So, now to get started on my submission for the back to skull comp!

Custom Jewelry said...

I WAS gonna turn in something but never got around to it... ho hum