Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Embroidered Skull

Art Teacher Robin New moves to the head of the class with this embroidered skull sewn onto found vintage embroidery. She works with her husband on these under the name "Super Stitched Chaos".

I'm sure all of your students at Clark-Moores Middle School will be thrilled to see their teacher's work. Hey, maybe you can get some of them interested in skull art with this month's "Back To Skull" contest. Kudos to you for teaching today's youth about the art of tomorrow.


Abby Davis said...

the flower part looks like something I've done before. The skull, well I've never embroidered one like that. Makes me want to take one of my flower sugar skulls and make it 3d with embroidery.

robin said...

thanks for the comment....the flower part was a found piece....vintage...yard sale find...then i stitched the skull over top...

thanks skull a day for the post...my kiddos will be thrilled!!!